The Adverse Side to the Coin: Sugar Babies


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What were the key motives for becoming a Sugar Baby? 


We decided to interview one lady who has linked her life to being a Sugar Baby. She strives to reveal her real life, pitfalls, and motives of following such a lifestyle. First off, I want to say that most such decisions are commonly predetermined by ladies’ complicated life circumstances. I primarily chose it because I wanted to experience reverse living standards, the ones common for the global elite, and celebrities. I don’t have any beneficial family ties, much money, or other grounded opportunities for that.   

Secondly, there was a place for some kind of curiosity. I have had a period in my life when I had broken up with my boyfriend and traveled the country in pursuit of a new life. I thought about finding someone who could assist me in many ways. I was 22 back then. After, it took me around 4 years before living how I live now.  

Another thing that many people do also believe in is that Sugar Babies focus only on their looks, and seduction to attract older men. It is partially true, some of them offer nothing but a good-looking babyface. Yet, I also strive to deliver interesting time spent with me, by emphasizing that I am a person who can be spoken to about many things. 


What were the main perks gifted to you by your Sugar Daddy? 

 Let’s all be honest, monetary compensation warms your heart even in sub-zero temperatures, however, again it is not only about it. I have had many gifts from my Sugar Daddy, and it is hard to name my favorite one. There were thrilling vacations in Europe, shopping, luxury restaurants, flowers, perfumes, and so on. What I anticipate experiencing is the care, and sincere support from him regardless of how complicated my life circumstances are. It shows his true attitude toward me and strengthens our relationship. 

 On most occasions, Sugar Daddies become my real friends, and advisers, and cater to help me whenever I ask for it. They may simply invite me to social events where I could never be included, you know. Having such connections is a real deal. I still keep in touch with several ex-Sugar Daddies. We can call each other, and spend hours talking about their successes and losses. It might sound strange, however, we have such a family bond between us. This is what I love the most in terms of our emotional link. 

 Were there any negative experiences? Have you met creepy guys?   Look, if you don’t like a man, no one pushes you to continue anything with him. With me, I just help one understand that another girl will be a nicer fit than me, instead of telling – I don’t like you. It is all about courtesy. As for creepy guys, I have rather met them in my real life, while on Sugar sites they all seem quite normal. Still, there might be dates or first acquaintances, when you understand that a guy gives some weird vibes or freaky conversations. So, compared to regular dating, the difference is minor. 

 What about the pitfalls of being a Sugar Baby? Oh, yeah there are. I find myself sometimes stuck with motivation as I push myself to boost my overall knowledge to draw men’s attention. Yet, there are more positive sides. I want to also add some words about the stigma that we, Sugar Babies, experience daily. There is a myriad of judgments regarding the terms of Sugar Baby/Daddy. For example, on most occasions, I cannot prove to anyone that my lifestyle is not bad and gives benefits to both me and the man I am in a relationship with. At the end of the day, we are both satisfied and no one dies, you know. 

If you could do it all over again would you still want to be a Sugar Baby? 


Definitely, yes! By being a Sugar Baby I have experienced so many things in my life that I could have never afforded without my Sugar Daddies. Believe me, those girls who say that they regret such connections are most likely to lie. You can always find positive sides, and expand your knowledge with those men. It is like you have an adviser who guides you into an elite life and gives you recommendations on how to become successful. In simple terms, being a Sugar Baby opens so many doors for you. 


Do you want to do this forever?

Of course, not! The same as others I want to have a normal life with my number one, create a family with him, and have kids. Still, I clearly understand that now I have inflated requirements regarding my future boyfriend/husband because he should have a high position in society. To be sincere with you, I even have a list of those requirements and it will be hard to find one who will match all of them.  


 What will you say to other girls who consider the Sugar Baby lifestyle? 


 Girls, don’t think it is as easy as ABC. Be committed to working on yourself, doing sports, educating yourself, and boosting your communication skills. It is all hard work where you cannot draw the men’s attention only with a good-looking face. Men with high positions in society love our erudition, delicacy of taste, and sense of humor, as well as even our dancing, and singing skills. Men will also love that you have a regular job because they understand you don’t use them for money. Then, please abstain from shouting to everyone what you plan to do. It is no one’s business whom you spend time with and where. Finally, dear ladies do always value yourself. Don’t ever lower your standards and desires. You are worth more than money.  

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