Personality or Wealth in Men: What Is It More Important?


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You are a very independent and strong woman, who works from nine to five to stay alive, but purely wants to have a man who can take the pressure off of your shoulders? You earn your own money, but want a man to occasionally help you through the bills? Look, such “thoughts moments” are pretty okay, and there is nothing wrong about looking for a wealthy man, but only in the events, when you can offer something in return. Rich men do not usually fall ONLY for a beautiful cover, they seek some stuffing that can offer intelligence, a sense of humour, and real ambitions. Still, it does not guarantee that you both can be happy. 


We, Elite Travel Companion, understand how hard it is for women to find the balance between falling in love with a man of great personality and a man who is rich. They seek the golden mean or try to understand what is more important. Today, we are going to reveal the truth — what is more favourable: personality or wealth in men. 


Sorting Out the Priorities 

The first thing any female should do is to sort out her priorities. To make it as simple as possible, just answer one question — Do you want to date only a wealthy man? If yes, no problems, but be ready to come across some personality issues. If not, be ready to occasionally pay for everything as well. Yes, you may watch dozens of movies where men jump above their heads to afford everything for their women. However, let’s be honest, the reality in movies, and your reality of everyday life are two different things. 


When you are done sorting them out, let’s introduce you to some of the main differences between personality-men, and wealth-men. 

Opting for Personality Men 

Here, everything will depend on the soft skills, and hard skills, strange it may sound. A person can have a good personality or a bad one. If you are lucky, you can find a man with a good heart, and who is future-oriented to afford you the best life possible but with time. Then, you can come across a man who is pure evil, and who will try to make money from you instead. Okay, we wish you would avoid such men. Now, the key perks: 


  • Great Personalities Have Great Perspectives 


If you find a match who is only in pursuit of building his wealth, it is not that bad. A person just moves slower but is confident regarding his intentions. Besides, men can greatly change if they find a perfect lady for their life. There are lots of stories “from rags to riches”. If you want to join this path and help a man to become rich, and ambitious, a personality-man should be considered. 


  • You Won’t Be Bored 

Yes, you may disagree because wealthy men can offer you really outstanding entertainment as well. Yet, personality-man are linked to more interesting conversations, and behavioural patterns rather than everything linked to cash, and elite. However, you should be ready to pay for everything alone starting from coffee to a fancy bag. 


  • Different Focus 


There are men who are involved in volunteering, and they are altruists. This type of man should be appreciated just for that. You won’t be able to change their focus but only support in everything they do. Accordingly, you may need to consider sorting the pricey and cheap goods. 


As for the drawbacks, there are lots of them. For instance, you may crave fancy stuff that a man can spend ages to earn money for. Then, you may become envious if your girlfriends travel around the world and just enjoy luxury. Finally, you may spend much time on such men just hoping they will build their wealth one day. 

Opting for Wealthy Men 

With wealthy men, everything becomes pretty much obvious. At least, you do not care about money all the time if he wants to pay for you everywhere and provide you with cool things just to see you happy around the clock. The reasons to fall for wealth are: 


  • You Afford Unaffordable 


Rich men attract all women without any exception. Girls regularly dream of having careless lives where they go shopping and receive expensive gifts. If you have a low paying capacity, it will be a complete bingo. Still, to receive such a man, you should befit as well. It means that ideally, you should possess ambitions, or just be a woman who pushes a man for moving forward and succeeding. 


  • You Can Travel Around the World 


Since our agency specializes in offering travel companions for businessmen, we understand how important for girls is the feeling of visiting countries with a great man who takes all expenses on his shoulders. Our depository of clients enlisted such men who made girls’ dreams come true in seconds. Many of them also ended up being happy families.  


  • You Can Rely on Their Financial Support 


Let’s pretend you experience difficulties with paying the bills, or you need urgent treatment that is not covered by insurance. A wealthy man will simply help you with that without any questions, while a personality man will first estimate the problem, and seek the options from where to get money to help you. The latter variant is also great, however, wealthy picks won’t bother much, and waste time. 


  • It Is a Status 

Agree that introducing a wealthy man to your girlfriends or relatives is more comfortable rather than a match who does not have anything except for his personality. First off, it is some kind of status that makes your beloved ones assured you won’t struggle with money. Secondly, it can inspire confidence that if super serious, your family won’t lack money for kids, their education, and just your leisure time. 


Now, let’s sum up. Whom to choose — personality or wealthy person? It all depends on your priorities. If you seek only a rich man, you won’t even consider serious personality ones. And, vice versa. We, as a premium agency for finding travel companions, suggest you find the golden mean. If you need help with a female for your trip, we will match you with the one that fits your preferences. The same concerns the females, your wishes for personality and wealth will be taken into consideration. 


So, a wealthy and good personality man is the best, the same as an ambitious, and a good personality woman. 

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