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What to do In Luxembourg for Lovebirds?

It would be fair to say that pretty much every country or city might become a hidden gem for the two if they are ready to dive into adventures and forget about their daily routines. In simple terms, if you with your match have the same vibe, mood, any city can make it all brighter. When it comes to Luxembourg, it is just a great idea for intimacy when you want to avoid the cities’ hustle and bustle, enjoy local cuisine and investigate the historical impacts out there.

Elite Travel Companions with a long-standing presence in the industry does not only work on connecting like-minded people but building for them top-notch plans on journeys on where they can go, what they can experience together among others. When having one established couple, we clearly understand what destination to recommend to them. So, if we see that a couple wants something less noisy than Paris, more intimate than Ibiza, and everything with a touch of history with castles, it is a good description of Luxembourg. What should you two do there?

⦁ Clervaux Strolling

Clervaux is a commune in Luxembourg known for magic landscapes, snow-white housing, and rolling hills. Alongside just a fun time for photo shooting of you two, you can visit points of interest to breathe the authentic atmosphere of medieval times. Abbaye Saint-Maurice de Clervaux, Eglise Décanale, The Family of Man museum are all must-to-visit spots when you want to discover “behind the scenes” of the commune.

⦁ Numerous Castles

Another example of escaping from reality with your partner is to focus on numerous castles in Luxembourg. Beaufort Castle, the 11th-century destination spot for those who are interested in history, the art of architecture, and just beautiful landscapes. If you are both fans of gothic culture, think about Vianden Castle whose history dates back to the 10th century.

⦁ High-End Restaurants

When you are done with city strolling, you would like to have a dining experience. Why don’t you try high-end cuisines in Clairefontaine, Le Sud, or Bistro Podenco? They feature French, Mediterranean, and Spanish cuisines for any liking. A bottle of wine or champagne paired with delicacies from the renowned chefs next to people who hide many stories of the city will charm you.

⦁ Hiking Trails

If you two are complete addicts to adventures, you should not neglect the idea of hiking. As per the local citizens, Mullerthal hiking way which is considered a Little Switzerland is the most popular cultural attraction. Then, you can choose Ardennes with forests and sloping valleys. Finally, Escapardenne Eisleck, a trail of over 104 kilometres, is a top choice for beginners. Grab some food, and have a romantic picnic on the valleys observing the beauty of nature.

⦁ Outdoor Markets

Whenever you want to escape from trite-tours with your match and listen to the real-life people residing in the communes of Luxembourg, there won’t be any better decision than to visit outdoor markets. First off, you can buy souvenirs, homemade cultivated greens, or stick to shopping with marvellous clothing. One of the renowned markets is located at Place Guillaume II. There you will definitely hear the truth about life, local wisdom which may occasionally change your perception of the world.

⦁ Churches and Cathedrals

Stunning church architecture also caters to some kind of intimacy and full understanding of the vibe between the two of you. You can visit Notre-Dame Cathedral which boasts Renaissance style, with pointed arches. Saint Michael’s Church is known as the oldest religious building in Luxembourg of Gothic architecture. Finally, St Jean du Grund, a representative of Baroque art.

⦁ Unique Hotels

Last but not least romantic escape is definitely your housing but not a typical one, 5-star hotels with known names but boutiques and historical buildings. You should definitely consider at least 1 night at Le Place D’Armes Hotel located near the Notre-Dame Cathedral, with marble-floored bathrooms, and intimate decor in the restaurant.

So, Luxembourg has pretty much everything to help you discover your relationships, your vision of the future, or simply cater to the love atmosphere which is dull when you have lots of duties and pressure from work. It may become your secret place when you are tired of noisy cities, or just want to spend a weekend hiking, strolling next to churches, and museums.




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