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You are welcome to BankModels Exclusive & International Model Introduction Service for Busy, Sophisticated, Successful Professionals who enjoy the best things in life.


At this point in your life, you focus more on the material factor and new respectable acquaintances, but you also have a goal for the future. In that case, your choice is Companion.


You are interested in meeting successful, affluent men
for a serious relationship or sponsorship. In your choice is Dating.

We guarantee that we will protect your privacy and will not disclose your information under any circumstances

W e invite young women to join us. Some of them are
interested in financial stability, travel, and meeting affluent men.

Others would like to create a permanent serious relationship or be sponsored by prosperous men.

Our interest in working with you is by no means expressed solely
in material values. First and foremost, we love what we do. We are happy to maintain informal contact with those who have turned

to us. You are welcome to ask us for advice, assistance or consultation on any matter.

We all want to be financially stable and solvent. The material factor is an inseparable part of the internal feeling of satisfaction; together, these factors create our well-being in life. If we can help you achieve your goal, this will give us a feeling of well-being and satisfaction from our collaboration.

Our criteria for inviting the men







Contact us if you:

  • are beautiful, have good looks and a beautiful face;
  • are between 18 and 40 years of age;
  • know how to create a warm, joyful, and friendly atmosphere;
  • are genuinely interested in dating and having relationships with men, love to communicate with them;
  • are in good shape, like to exercise or do fitness, your figure is slender;
  • love to learn new things and develop yourself;
  • are honest, kind, sincere, and easy to talk to;
  • lead a healthy lifestyle, like proper food, and eat regularly;
  • have a good command of English. Knows edge of other languages is to your advantage;
  • have a valid international passport, you are not limited to moving around the world and are not tied to one city.


  • are younger than 18 or older than 40;
  • are smoking;
  • are insecure and limited in judgment, think in stereotypes;
  • avoid emotions and romance;
  • do not like the company and meeting new people;
  • are limited in movement around the world, cannot travel;
  • do not speak English;
  • are overweight;
  • are able to lie and cheat;
  • are greedy and selfish;
  • have many tattoos, scars of any kind, acne, or piercings;
  • have increased your lips;

Your potential partner will invite you to have tête-à-tête meeting with him and is responsible for booking the hotel and flight for you. Western Europe, resorts in the world etc.

Please, send some professional and casual photos and videos in high resolution.

Please, complete the questionnaire, simply filling in the gaps.

It will be better if you provide information about yourself: dreams, interests, values, thus the men will single you out and let them make your dreams come true.

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Exclusive & International Model Introduction