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I enjoyed her genuine and intelligent conversation and gfe. Yes definitely worth the investment. Wish I had more time though. Alina was great. I would not change anything. Robert, Dubai, May 23

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What did you enjoy most about your experience? What I enjoyed the most is her ability to keep up with any conversation, her beauty, and fun personality. Was your experience worth the investment? Yes What would you change about your experience? Nothing Mohamed, Dubai May 23

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He is a handsome young gentleman. He has a nice body, it shows that he does sports. His behavior was good, he is polite, respectful and he is interested in what you want to do, if you need something... We went to dinner at an Italian restaurant, he doesn't eat meat or fish. Later we went to a trendy bar to have a gin and tonic there, we continued our night in another bar of Sishas. We were talking about many topics... some of them were sports, politics, goals in life, we also talked about his business and my jewelry brand. Sofi, Dubai 06.23

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Hey Neve! It was a great pleasure, thank you for all the beautiful moments, it was memorable! Horhe, Madrid, 06.23

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Oksana and I had a fantastic time in St. Barth. She’s a great girl and I hope to see her again someday. Florian, St. Barth 02.2023

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Just to let you know that the girl was unbelievably wonderful. Beauty with a real brain.  Just super. Thank you!! Nobutaka LA 04.23

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Alexandra is a great conversationalist -- very smart and charming. I only wish I'd had more time and energy to take her out somewhere lively for dinner (we ordered in) -- I've been very busy with errands these last few days. Thank you. Nathan, Dubai 04.2023

elite travel companion in Seychelle

Oksana was wonderful. She is a rare woman who is naturally elegant. She need not do anything to herself (makeup, etc.) and still look naturally beautiful. Truly rare and precious. Her personality is nice, her smile genuine, and her body natural and flawless. She is engaging in conversations and is not demanding at all. A wonderful human being, genuinely friendly... I also wanted to add that, as you said she has a keenly wonderful sense of style in her clothing - always very well-dressed for any occasion. But the best is her spontaneous personality. Also, she has very good and worldly manners. You will not feel embarrassed by her in any situation. Chris, Seychelles, 2022

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Sofia is charming and super intelligent girl.
She is very special and lovely person.
We had fantastic time. Thank you
Roland, Zurich, 2022


Elite travel companion in Prague

Shai is an amazing woman. Tall, elegant, pretty, sexy. On top of that, she has a good classical education and appreciates fine arts. Her knowledge of classical music is amazing. We went to two classical music shows, and she can recognize arias (and the composers) by hearing the first few tunes. She made me feel proud to be with her, and at the same time at ease because she made me feel totally relaxed. A true lady, but she is not boring at all - she has a very wild private side. I would definitely like to see her again sometime in the future if the opportunity arises. Vikram, Prague, 2022

Elite travel companion in Maldives

He is very nice, kind, caring, full of positive energy, and a sweet person. We have been talking about everything all the time. The days were awesome. We did all possible activities: Scuba diving, walking, and sightseeing. He was always interested in my opinion about everything, if I wanted to relax, where I wished to go and what to do etc. Ernst, Maldives, 2022

elite travel companion in Dubai

My time with the beautiful Alexandra has come to an end. You told me that you don't know Alexandra well so I wanted to share with you my experience. Alexandra is a beautiful caring soul. She can always start and keep a conversation going So there never was a silent awkward moment. She also has a great sense of humour. She truly deserves the best that someone can respect and take good care of her so in return they can experience her great character. Kevin, Dubai 02.23

Elite travel companion in Munich

Julia is very nice, with a healthy sense of humor. She is very pleasant to be around. No drama. Her looks can vary from plain to extremely sexy, depending on her makeup and dress. This is good as she can stand any occasion. She is as natural as can get. Therefore, she comes across as very natural and genuine, and why she does not need hours to get ready to go out. Peter, Munich, 2022

Elite travel companion in Paris

Sabrina is a beautiful, nice, sweet, kind, respectful, and positive lady. Really enjoyed her company though it was short. Thank you for making it happen. Olivier, Paris, 2022

Elite travel companion in Zurich

We had a very good date. Tanya was very easy from the first moment, outgoing, and talkative. We had a very funny dinner with witty talks etc. She has a very special appearance, her looks, perfectly trained body, her open-minded behavior. Eugene, Zurich, 02.23

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