City guide: Dubai


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Elite Dubai Travel Companion

The UAE has conducted the world’s largest exhibitions such as the Dubai Motor Show, where was presented the «gold», «Lexus» the car was covered with the finest leaves of real gold foil.
The spectacular singing fountain is located in Dubai, followed by the hymn of the UAE, the sound of the voice the famous words pop or oriental melodies. The fountain rise up to a height of 150 meters, then descend swings, and intertwined, forming an intricate dance of water.
You can visit The Flower Park Miracle Garden which is located on the territory square 72000kv.m, which presents more than 45 different type of flowers.
The hotel «Burj Al Arab» 7 stars category, is situated in an artificial island. You can get there just by crossing the bridge.
You will see the Burj Khalifa, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest in the world — 828 meters, 163 floors. The interiors of the Burj Al Arab, applied 22-karat gold. Rooms — two-story suites with panoramic sea views. The hotel has several restaurants with an incredibly beautiful interior, such as the restaurant

Al Muntaha at 200 meters above the Arabian Gulf and located «underwater», where you will see the huge aquarium in a million liters of water.
Welcome to Gold Souk the biggest gold shop in the city. Welcome to Gold Souk the biggest gold shop in the city. A lot of different awesome articles are made of different colours of gold, rings, earrings, heavy necklace, and gold bullion coins — that are shining and sparkling as if you were in the royal treasury.
The city is safe and calm, and you are guaranteed to have a peaceful luxury vacation.



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