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You are welcome to BankModels Exclusive & International Model Introduction Service for Busy, Sophisticated, Succesful Professionals who enjoy the best things in life.

Intelligent and sophisticated elite travel girls


Devising an ideal journey for a successful man with elite travel girls, who accompany him on a trip can professionally guide him through the world of joy and romance.

What is necessary to make a perfect journey?

Emotional compatibility

Mutual desire

How a successful journey is created for you:
Primarily, the right choice of travel girl is important. Then we develop the program of your trip, consult and instruct you, and provide you with all kinds of particular recommendations. The travel girls are interviewed before the trip. Your requests are of utmost importance.

Everything on the planned trip is going to be performed under your wishes. Do you want to develop the dream journey on your own? We are ready to realize your every wish. Girls for travel will eagerly accompany you on your trip. This kind of adventurous activity is always welcome and even eagerly anticipated by the model as this is the most exciting direction of her work. That means that the charming model, who is going to join you on your trip, is full of positive thoughts and expectations even before the personal meeting with you, and this is important for the creation of future emotional closeness.

The professionalism of our elite travel girls is also revealed through the ability to get the utmost pleasure and share it with a worthy intelligent man, create emotional compatibility and a comfortable romantic relationship from the first day of acquaintance, keeping it on the highest level of the last day of the joint trip. The interests in this delightful cooperation are mutual. In case all your wishes come true during the trip, you’ll be glad to repeat the experience and invite the chosen model to join you again. The Elite International club “BankModels” offers elite travel girls for your trips abroad.

Any concept of the trip and all travel directions are accepted, and you may not worry about the documents as most models always have European, UK, and USA visas. We urge you to create your plan and make a detailed set of requests for your comfort. Your rider (wish list) will be handed over to the model who will care about everything to meet your highest expectations.BankModels guarantees only positive emotions as you deal with us and experience your dream vacation or a successful business trip.

Thank you for your attention.
We wish you success and amazing trips.




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