Moscow Never Sleeps: A Romantic Destination No One Considers as Such


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Relationships, casual dating, romantic vibes, face to face conversations, online chatting – all these seem like normal parts of people’s lives. Yet, due to the pandemic effects, you are most likely to be into online chatting which is getting more and more boring. You lack personalization or a simple coffee-time experience because lots of places are often either closed or opened or again closed and opened. This is the situation typical for Moscow, a city known to never sleep and power citizens with much fun and survival mode. The same concerns a romantic aspect of the city which people do not consider as such.  

You might wonder whether Moscow may somehow cater to some relationships where everyone thinks about how to ascend or be a valuable member of society. The answer is yes. Alongside streets hustle and bustle, fully-packed metro stations, busy and sometimes very sad people, you can come across sincere smiles, and couples who enjoy every moment, every joy of the local vibe. Therefore, Moscow should be definitely considered as a place to have new romantic acquaintances. 


Elite Travel Companions is not a typical dating service

Elite Travel Companions is not a typical dating service whose goal is to connect the hearts – it all sounds like yuck stigma, you know. It is your loyal companion when you almost give in in pursuit of finding a partner for friendship, relationship, or just non-trite time-spending together. We always want to share with you the top glamourous spots for your consideration on the first date with a match – this time covering Moscow.  

Let’s start with the nightlife which predetermines a more qualitative vibe for people who seek fun. One such option is Soho Rooms, a premium club in Moscow. This is where you can easily acquire privacy with your match, or get acquainted with the local elite. Then, it is a place to dive into a typical Russian aristocratic style where luxury screams to be admired. Have some time overlooking the book room, and library, or hide on a veranda with night sky views. 

Stroll across Barvikha luxury village. It is another destination if you want to feel safe and secure that no one will distract you from your partner. Barvikha is also a place where you can face celebrities or businessmen. There is a concert hall, luxury shops, a hotel and spa, car saloons, as well as a myriad of dining spots where you can grab a couple of wine glasses, and learn about each other in detail.  


If you are more into the shopping experience or just having a coffee break where you can literally breathe the elite atmosphere, you can visit TsUM or the known Central Universal Department Store. There are hundreds of brands, and influencers who record their vlogs on YouTube, and just those who have not the last roles in the Moscow government.  

By picking any of the above-mentioned spots, you will be treated as if you matter the most in this world. You with your companion will have a high-end service and access to the most delicious foods and fashionable brands. Note, that you should also spend some qualitative time picking your dress code because those spots have one of the strictest securities on guard of celebrities’ safety and comfort. Elite Travel Companion will be more than happy to share with you some other spots if you have very special requests regarding your date. 


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