Christmas Vacation With a Beautiful and Intelligent Lady


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Christmas is coming and awaits you to experience its spirit very soon. Even though it is more about family time spending, you can use this time of the year to connect your heart with a person who shares the same interest with you. Here comes our agency, Elite Travel Companion is a matcher for professional men with travel companions. We cater to elite acquaintances and can find high-class models for you to spend the best time possible. 


Today, we are going to speak of the top spots for you and your travel companion to consider for Christmas vacation. You can pick any, or rely on us for more recommendations.

Off we go! 


Sorry for being too trite, however, we cannot make a list without this beautifully romantic city. Regardless of the time of the year, it will enrich you with love, positivity, and just adventures. Choosing it for Christmas is a go-choice because the whole city will be covered in lights, you will hear choirs from the churches, as well as enjoy the aromas of coffee and croissants from everywhere. 


Yes, during this holiday, you will need to do your best to visit the Eiffel Tower, however, there are always premium tickets for you to avoid the queues. Climb the tower, take pictures, and feel like lovebirds. After that, we recommend you to walk down the Champs-Elysees where trees will be decorated with Xmas lights. Otherwise, you should visit the Ferris Wheel to overlook the city’s landscape. Your journey there can be also powered by a shopping experience. 

#New York 

The next spot to choose for your Xmas time spending is New York. One tip for the road, just enter the social media and find tags with #christmasNY, and you will see why to choose it. It is truly a magical spot that can transfer you into the same vibes from the Home Alone movie. The skyscrapers, houses decorated with Xmas lights, and fancy figures among others. You two will need to visit Central Park. If you are not into walking, you can find their carriage ride offers, so you will both feel like royalty. After that, go to see the Rockefeller Center Xmas tree that is decorated with more than 30K lights. For more intellectual time spending, do not miss the chance to book tickets for the Nutcracker ballet. 


Another option is in Switzerland. It fits those who love fairytale motives. You may find there a high-end and stunning resort to enjoy the vibes of the Swiss Alps. During Christmas days, there will be festivals and markets where you can find local treats, accessories, and traditional costumes. Otherwise, you can eat the most delicious chocolate in the entire world. For adventures, try skiing that is offered for different levels both novice and pros. Then, try a hot tub and relax with your partner. If you want to surprise your lady with a romantic dinner, consider Piz Gloria, which comes with breathtaking panoramic views over more than 200 peaks. Please, when you are in Switzerland, do not forget to try out their Swiss fondue and mulled wine. 


Those who are into very cold adventures should consider Iceland. First off, it is due to the Northern Lights which you won’t ever forget. Secondly, couples love it due to festive vibes, never-ending snow, Xmas lights. Everything is surrounded by modern and stunning architecture and very hospitable people who want to treat you to something sweet in their local markets. Then, Reykjavik is a top spot for warm geothermal pools where you can experience the utmost relaxation. After that, dine in Perlan, a 360-degree view restaurant. 


Do not be shocked, however, Dubai can be a super romantic place for you during the Xmas days. Yes, you will miss snow or cold weather. However, there is indoor skiing if you crave such adventures. Otherwise, this hot spot in the Middle East will be enticing for a dining experience, Christmas shopping, and never-ending warmth. Book a restaurant in Burj Khalifa, and your girl will never forget the views from the tallest building in the world. Or, take her to watch the Dubai fountains with music. 


Then, let’s move to Germany. This place is picked for their Christkindlesmarkt, or simply their local Xmas market. It fits couples who want to dive into festive vibes and overlook Bavaria villages. Try Gluhwein, gingerbread biscuits, and roasted almonds. If you two do not mind, test the local beer with sausages, for some, it is a romantic link as well. For some fun, you can visit the Nuremberg Toy Museum and feel like a kid who wants to go back to the old good times. Finally, do not miss visiting Nuremberg Imperial Castle where you can take great pictures. Please, do not forget to book the hotels for the Xmas days, because there is always a problem due to the popularity of festive events. 

#Canary Islands 

Last but not least, you should consider the Canary Islands. Again, there won’t be any snow, however, locals replace such vibes with other perks. You can enjoy black sand beaches, and find trees with lights. Most importantly, during such holidays, the 5-star hotels ensure to add cuisine that will hint you at Xmas. Enjoy spa, yoga, and culinary workshops, or visit the local markets where people do not regret that they cannot boast snow and skiing adventures. 

These 7 spots are picked based on the last trends in terms of romantic destinations. Due to the pandemic, people missed adventures, and they did not want to visit simply the Maldives or Bali island. They are looking forward to catching the Northern Lights, drinking hot Gluhwein, skiing, as well as listening to Christmas choirs during the holidays.  

If you are a very demanding person who seeks even more exclusivity for you and your beautiful lady, you can contact Elite Travel Companion, and address your requests. We do not only match hearts but also build their journeys so that they can understand each other better or boost their relationship to the next level. 

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