City guide: Maldives


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Elite travel companion in Maldives

If you plan to visit the Maldives for a romantic journey, or just escape your everyday life with a new companion, you won’t regret it. We, at Elite Travel Companions, do always recommend the Maldives to all our matches. We understand that some of our couples require complete privacy, and do not want to be distracted by other people. We do also know that the Maldives may provide high-end service when it comes to dining experience or just entertainment. Even your extra requests in 5-star hotels will be taken as pretty normal, and staff will go the extra mile ensuring you are 100% satisfied. Below, you can find some of the top spots for your time-spending with a partner on this nation of islands. Off we go!

Six Senses LAAMU is not the promoted resort but definitely the sought-after product of the hospitality industry which every respected person should visit while being in the Maldives. It is all about one’s comfort powered with beautiful locations, eco-living, and philosophy behind. It seems as if you are in a never ending spa where you cannot stop relaxing and enjoying every moment of your life. There are private villas with innovative features, and everything is surrounded by true paradise.

If you are a fan of underwater experiences, you can also find villas undersea where you live next to ocean creatures and overlook how they interact with human beings. If you travel alongside your match and a group of other people, such villas can accommodate up to nine people, so you can have an underwater party full of luxury.

Another option for adventurous couples is the renowned Jet Ski. Believe us, jet skiing in the USA is different from jet skiing in the Maldives. You, your partner, and surrounding paradise, lagoons with dolphins, and expensive beverages cater to magnificent moments between the two of you. Imagine interacting with friendly dolphins who play races with you and after you drink champagne admiring the sunset.

Then, you can always rent a yacht. Many celebrities in pursuit of avoiding their fans or other people who want to have a glance at their lives book a yacht for a week or month. Such service comes fully packed with butlers, captain, and other hospitality staff which will be invisible for you two again if you require some privacy.

Finally, even in the Maldives, you can enjoy some golf time. It is available at many resorts and hotels out there, so you just pick the preferred one, and compete with each other in fancy suits.

Elite Travel Companions recommends the Maldives for matches who want to learn more about each other and have no distractions around them. You will be surrounded by extreme luxury, safety, and privacy. You can either have a party time among other elites or book a spot for you two only. Watch the movies on the beach, or sip your champagne while laying on the yacht.




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