Does She Love You or Your Wallet? Find It Out with Elite Models Introductions


You are welcome to BankModels Exclusive & International Model Introduction Service for Busy, Sophisticated, Succesful Professionals who enjoy the best things in life.

When you are prosperous, dating is never easy. Well, one can say that this isn’t that simple when you are an average person either; however, with businessmen, it is quite the opposite aspect. Once you have more than love to offer, girls fall for you, and choosing the right one, the  one seems to be next to impossible. And this is what elite model introductions service has been created for. 


Why Choose among Elite Companions? 


There is no need to hide the fact that dating elite companions has already become a great way to find a partner for around 92 % of all successful businessmen.  


No need to sacrifice your career goals. 

You find the one, who is suited to you. 

Travel girls suggestions are multiple and based on such important factors as personality and relationship desires. 

You set your terms and find the one, who matches them all. 


It is safe, secure, and streamlined. And what is more, you know you are admired and loved by your adult travel companion not for the wallet you have but for who you are, with all the positive and negative aspects, habits, points of view, and manners. 

Never Too Busy to Take Chances with Elite Companions 

Elite model introductions are for everyone. Don’t mind others saying it is doubtful or you have too little time for someone new in your life. As you have already succeeded in your career, it is the right life point to have someone to share your success with. Let it be one of the elite companions to ensure that your free time is at a premium. 

The number of males, who are finding themselves single, is shocking these days. Seeking solutions elsewhere is possible. But why rely on questionable sites, friends’ help, or destiny when you can take the chance with elite dating? 

With the assistance of elite model introductions, you can easily find your happy medium somewhere between your high-fly career and a cozy home personal life. Spend days and warm evenings with someone, who wants to understand your work pressure, share dedication and effort in supporting you as well as is just right by your side both when you need to chat or to be silent. 


Elite Companions Maximize Your Chances of Success 

Lack of time is what you think may build a huge wall between you and your soul mate. But we do realize how precious your hours are.  A really intelligent matchmaking system allows us to offer you the most suitable candidates, show multiple profiles, and tell you about lifestyles and preferences. 

Incorporate your business success into your love life. Let elite companions change your routine, make it brighter, bring new emotions, new feelings, new attitudes into it. No one has ever refused a chance to find someone, who loves his personality, not his wallet. So, ask yourself whether you want to be the one, who refuses and regrets for the rest of your life? 


If you are more into the shopping experience or just having a coffee break where you can literally breathe the elite atmosphere, you can visit TsUM or the known Central Universal Department Store. There are hundreds of brands, influencers who record their vlogs on YouTube, and just those who have not the last roles in the Moscow government.  

Last but not least recommendation to experience Moscow luxury vibes is Denis Simachёv Shop & Bar. As the name suggests, you can both have shopping and bar-drinking time next to the most fashionable audience in the city. You can find celebrities hidden in the purple velvet booths or hide there together too. 

By picking any of the above-mentioned spots, you will be definitely treated as if you matter the most in this world. You with your companion will have a high-end service and access to the most delicious foods and fashionable brands. Note, you should also spend some qualitative time on picking your dress code because those spots have one of the strictest securities on guard of celebrities’ safety and comfort. Elite Travel Companion will be more than happy to share with you some other spots if you have very special requests regarding your date. 

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