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You are welcome to BankModels Exclusive & International Model Introduction Service for Busy, Sophisticated, Succesful Professionals who enjoy the best things in life.

Affluent men often need female travel companions worldwide. No-strings-attached arrangements, shared vacations, and enjoyable time together are what they are craving for but fail to find. All the intentions are easy to implement if you are with travel girls. When you are on a trip and want to have a beautiful, funny, enthusiastic and smart person by your side, girls for travel is the right option for you. We are an elite travel dating club for prosperous males, who want to get the most of their trip.

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What Makes Girls Travel Really Special

They are initiative and enthusiastic, looking for adventures and new places to see. Every new trip is another challenge and experience for a travel companion for hire, and she will do her best in various things just because of being curious and enthusiastic. She is very optimistic and sometimes even naïve, open for communication, with a positive attitude to people and the world around.
Girls for travel are always friendly, magnetic and easy-going. It is easy for them to initiate any conversation and make new friends. Their positivity inspires others and they know how to appreciate even pretty small things.
And finally, elite travel girls are well-educated. Matching experienced males with their girl companions, we choose sophisticated girls with physical charms and a true talent to impress everyone around.

5 Reasons to Have One of the Girls for Travel Around


An international travel companion is more than just a person sitting next to you on a plane. If it were so simple, any woman from the street could take the place. Yet, there are 5 reasons to have one of the elite girls around on a trip:

•   She meets your expectations.

A girl is interviewed before joining a man on a trip to see whether she meets his needs and requirements. Emotional compatibility, a comfortable romantic atmosphere, and the ability to ensure the highest level of trip satisfaction are the three most vital features.
•   She is well-mannered.

If it were all that simple, any woman could do as a partner. But a girl for travel we offer is well-mannered and sophisticated.
•   She enriches the travel experience.

While accompanying men, travel girls have a developed trip program, they consult, and provide important recommendations and instructions to make a trip more successful.

•   She is positive.

This feature allows both trip partners to build an emotional closeness which is essential while they are spending much time together. Therefore, the model is often asked to join the trip again.

•   She is around both during a business trip or a dream vacation.

Whatever the case is, girls for travel will help forget about stress and loneliness.
Bank Models does not offer tour guides or travel agents. We provide elite companions to make any trip brighter, ensure that you get the most out of it, travel with pleasure, and bring only positive emotions back home.

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